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Workplace Safety: A 3-Tiered Approach to Preventing Accidents on Worksites

Workplace safetyNo matter what kind of workplace you’re overseeing, workplace safety should be a priority for you. An unsafe workplace can be inefficient for your goals, expensive for your company, and most important of all, harmful to your workers.

Because of this, you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure your place of work is as safe as it can be for you, your customers and your employees. To help you with this, here’s a 3-tiered plan for preventing accidents in the workplace.

Emphasize Safety Rules

Building safetyEvery workplace should have a set of safety rules and guidelines for employees to abide by. These guidelines should outline the safest way to go about procedures, store important items, and move about any dangerous areas. Once you’ve developed these rules, you’ll want to make sure that every employee knows how to follow them.

This can be done with clearly-posted safety rules and guidelines, as well as training for employees both new and old. You can also document your safety guidelines in a company handbook, available to every employee.

Perform Audits

Safety check listAn audit is a thorough inspection of a workplace, with the goal of ensuring that everything within is up to the safety guidelines you’ve set. You’ll want to schedule audits regularly to make sure things stay completely safe year-round. While you’re auditing, take notes of places where you think your safety procedures are a bit weak, so you can brainstorm changes later to strengthen them.

Keep Everything Clean

CleaningThough it can be easy to neglect, cleanliness is one of the most important parts of a safe workplace. Dirty or disorganized workplaces pose health risks, and can be incredibly dangerous in certain workplaces. This is where Image One Facility Solutions can help you! As you audit, note what parts of the environment are dirty or un-kept.

Then, to make sure the environment stays clean, contact them as soon as possible. They’ll give you a free quote and let you know how they can help keep your workplace accident-free.

Image One Facility Services Wins Franchise Business Top 50 Award

Image One 2016 Franchisee Satisfaction AwardTim Conn, founder of Image One Facility Services, was awarded the Franchise Satisfaction Award from Franchise Business Review.  Started in 1985 and headquartered in Wood Dale IL, Image One provides cleaning service to commercial locations throughout the Chicagoland area.  Several branches have opened expanding Image One’s reach, and each is individually owned and operated.

Franchise Business Review

Franchise Business Review is the leading market research firm in the franchise industry specializing in franchisee satisfaction and performance. Over the past 10 years we have researched more than 800 franchise brands from all industry segments.

Their independent franchisee satisfaction reviews measure the health of franchise systems that participate in the research, based exclusively on the feedback of franchise owners… the real franchise experts! The information is not intended to replace the franchise investigation process that all potential franchisees should engage in. It does, however, provide immediate feedback from existing franchisees about brands they may be interested in.

Congratulations to Image One Facility Solutions!

Government Pushing Commercial Property Managers to Stop Thinking of Cleaning as a Cost

CostThe U.S government is pushing commercial property managers to stop thinking of cleaning as a cost and start considering it the necessity it is.

By having the work space professionally cleaned, property managers can derive optimum benefits, such as ensuring the business remains sanitary, operational and in perfect working order. Companies simply cannot function without making sure that their retail, office or other places of operation are thoroughly cleaned and properly hygienic.

The Benefits of Having Commercial Properties Cleaned

By investing in cleaning services for commercial properties, property managers can ensure that their company remains efficient and open for business and that germs that can cause illnesses are eradicated. By having the properties thoroughly cleaned, property managers can make certain their buildings are free of viruses, germs and bacteria that can keep staff from work and productivity low.

The Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaningEfficient cleaning services, such as Image One Facility Solutions, will perform their cleaning duties late at night or on weekends as those are the times when offices are free of employees. Therefore, it’s assured that the property is ready for business any time, day or night.

Commercial cleaning services can vary from one business to the next. Commercial properties will have different cleaning needs than residential properties. If a company is considering outsourcing their cleaning services, they need to make sure that their chosen contractor has references and is able to work efficiently without direct oversight of the office staff.

Commercial cleaning services will ensure that office and work spaces are properly cleaned and tidied, eliminating hazards, germs and viruses. They use the correct cleaning materials and methods so that the workplace remains hygienic and chemical-free, ensuring the utmost health and safety of employees.

To discuss commercial cleaning requirements, contact us today.

Clorox Administers Survey to Find Office Infection Hot Spots

Flu season preventionAs the flu season starts to ramp up, this is the right time to remember that in addition to vaccinations, common cleaning practices are effective in preventing the spread of germs, influenza and the common cold.

Recently, a survey conducted by Clorox Professional Products Company revealed that just over 110 million workdays a year are lost to the flu. That adds up to approximately $7 billion in lost productivity and sick days every year. What’s more, it’s been reported that the common cold is the number one reason children miss school and adults skip work.

Flu viruses can survive on a hard surface for as long as 48 hours, so it’s essential that touched surfaces are disinfected to prevent germs transmitting. To ensure this, cleaning professionals use commercial cleaning products that are Environmental Protection Agency registered in order to kill the illness-inducing germs.

Where are Germ Hot Spots Usually Found?

Office phoneGerm hot spots in the office are usually found:

  • In the kitchen around sponges, mugs, kitchen taps, microwave buttons, dish towels and even the kettle’s on/off switch.
  • At your desk around the computer keyboard, phone receiver and keypad, mouse and any other electronic switches and on/off buttons.
  • In the bathroom at the toilet flush lever, soap dispensers and handy dryer buttons.
  • Throughout the office on cupboard and door handles, light switches, knobs, floors, lift buttons and other surfaces.

Germ hot spots are those spots we frequently touch and use. They require very careful attention when cleaning as they’re usually where you will find the most harmful illness-causing bacteria, such as the influenza virus, the common cold and other infectious diseases.

To ensure your office surfaces are cleaned regularly using the appropriate methods and solutions, talk to Image One Facility Solutions for all your office cleanliness needs. Contact us here.

Five Tips to Keep Your Office Clean of Bacteria During Winter

Commercial cleaningSimply looking around the workplace often provides a good reminder to make sure your commercial cleaning is happening on a regular basis. Not only do the floors and phones get a little grimy, but you have bacteria on every surface in your office.

However, you and your office mates are not doomed. Always do the obvious, like carpet cleaning and cleansing kitchen counters.  Try these other ways to keep bacteria at bay, too.

Wash, Wash, Wash Your Hands

Washing handsGreg Voakes, blogger and digital media producer, says studies have found some people do not wash their hands as often as they claim. Don’t skimp on soap or hot water. Lather up more frequently than you think you should. Encourage your office mates to do the same.

Invest In Hand Sanitizer

While hand gels won’t help with the commercial cleaning, they will keep your hands germ-free. An article on claims, “Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are tremendously effective in preventing the spread of the seasonal flu, H1N1, colds and other viral- and bacterial-based diseases.”

Disinfect Your Keyboard, Please

Miranda Hitti, WebMD Health News, writes about the results of a study that shows that “microbial contamination of keyboards is prevalent and that keyboards may be successfully decontaminated with disinfectants.”  What it comes down to is, you use a keyboard everyday to type away.  Be sure to clean it at least once a week to kill those pesky germs.

Keep Your Office Lunch Bacteria Free

Your home fridge is likely a safe environment, but your office fridge may not be. Howard Seltzer, FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, suggests a fridge should be kept at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler.  Also, be sure to remove any food that’s been kept cold for three days – chances are its not safe to eat any longer.

Wipe Down All Hard Surfaces

Dirty deskUse a disinfectant wipe to clean counter tops, desks, phones, doorknobs, and any other hard surface to which germs can stick or that you touch.  These are common surfaces that easy transfer germs from one person to another.

Let us help you keep bacteria and other grime at bay this winter. Contact Image One at 630-616-1010 for a free cleaning quote.

Cleaning Products at Your Office Could Be Triggering Health Issues

Office workStudies have shown that workers constantly exposed to cleaning chemicals can suffer from a wide range of medical conditions, including respiratory problems, eye irritation, skin rashes and burns, headaches and dizziness, nose bleeds, and even cancer.

So it goes without saying that it’s wise to evaluate the products that are used to clean your work environment.

The Importance of Quality Air

Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that indoor air quality is a top five environmental risk to public health?

The EPA has found that 95% of chemical ingredients in commercial cleaners include cancer-causing chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene derivatives, and more. The American Lung Association has cited studies that link chemicals in cleaning products to causing asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

Although manufacturers argue that chemicals in cleaning products are so minor that they aren’t harmful, several government agencies and non-profit organizations have conducted studies that show otherwise. Cleaning products have been known to cause acute, immediate or long-term health effects with repeated exposure at home or in work environments.

Ensure a Healthy Work Environment

Green cleaningWith all of the health concerns of cleaning products, we at Image One Facility Solutions have made it our top priority to provide our customers with a safe and efficient commercial cleaning service. All of our cleaning products are all-natural and green, with no toxic chemicals. While traditional cleaners pose health risks, our products meet strict standards for inhalation toxicity and skin absorption.

Too few American businesses realize the health risks that they face every day at work due to dangerous cleaning products and uninformed cleaning staff. Image One is your solution, providing your workplace with a healthier environment and better air quality, with safer products and expert staff to offer you high-performance, low-risk cleaning products and services to fit your needs.

Give us a call today and let us get you and your employees a great and healthy work life today!


Property Managers: The Top Five Key Priorities

Property ManagerEvery property manager has a number of important responsibilities when it comes to keeping their facility in good condition and keeping residents happy. While each tenant and each unit is different, fulfilling a few key duties efficiently and on a regular basis can improve the quality of any facility by a large margin. Here are five key priorities of property managers.

Listen to Feedback and Respond

Every tenant wants to live in a clean, functional, and safe facility. While keeping track of all types of upkeep and maintenance that need to be done may seem overwhelming, utilizing the right system can make the process much easier. Every property should have a reliable method that tenants can use to submit questions, concerns, and maintenance requests. Standard procedures can be established for each category in order to provide the quickest and most satisfactory resolutions.

Proper Training

Even the most dedicated property manager can’t be at the facility 24/7. It’s important to have well-trained and trustworthy staff members who are familiar with appropriate practices. Given that any growing apartment complex or residential establishment will undoubtedly utilize new utilities and amenities overtime, it is wise to train all staff members on these new developments.

Accurate Financial Planning

With each new lease that is signed, property managers can gain accurate information for financial plans. A reliable estimate of future revenue allows for expansion and upgrades. This is a great way to improve any piece of property while ensuring financial stability through the entire process. This also allows for a better experience for tenants who can enjoy upgrades without a rate increase.

Build a Positive Relationships

It is important to create a positive and inviting atmosphere at any type of rental property. Being friendly and reachable is extremely important, as is addressing tenant concerns in a reliable manner. This can also help promote a more neighborly environment.

Utilizing Professional Services

Image OneOne of the best ways to make sure any property is properly cleaned and serviced is to contact a professional organization with expertise in the industry. Image One Facility Solutions provides high-quality professional cleaning services that can drastically improve the cleanliness of any property. Call 630-616-1010 to schedule cleaning service today!

Report: Women Beat Men in Workplace Hygiene Etiquette

Men vs. womenYou may have found yourself asking the age-old question; who is cleaner, men or women? The argument over who has better hygiene habits has raged for decades, not only at home but in the workplace, too. Conventional wisdom says women are cleaner than men and a recent study has confirmed that, yes, the fairer sex is also the cleaner sex.

A Few Statistics

Scott Kelley, an associate professor of biology at San Diego State University, led a team of researchers in a recent office hygiene study of 90 office buildings in New York City, San Francisco, and Tucson, Arizona where they swabbed chairs, phones, desks, computers, and other office equipment. They found that men had about 10 to 20 percent more bacteria in their offices than women. This study found at least 500 species of bacteria in offices, with the majority of men’s offices being more germ-infested than women’s.

Keeping Clean Means Keeping Healthy

Dirty deskSo, why is this so important? Because most employees share a room or work space with others, it isn’t surprising that germs and illnesses can spread quickly through the workplace. Most workers spend a majority of their day in the office. If your office space is made up of predominantly men, according to the study, it would suffice to say that your workplace has more germs than those with primarily women.

With the onset of flu season upon us, it’s important to understand the importance of office hygiene. Office spaces can be a breeding ground for germs. Research has shown desktops, computers, keyboards, and phones have enormous amounts of bacteria.

Help with Hygiene

One way to cut down on the office hygiene problem is to hire a first-rate cleaning service. Image One thoroughly cleans office spaces using green cleaning solutions that are just as powerful as traditional cleaners, without any of the chemicals to agitate allergies.

Since health hazards in the workplace are significantly related to poor office hygiene, practicing consistent and proper office cleaning is essential to reducing the risks of illnesses in your workforce. Let us help you get a cleaner, healthier office. Give us a call today at 630-616-1010.

Do Your Research Before Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

There’s an inexplicable bond between mothers and their newborns; for the longest time, all they can do is hold the little bundle and stare in fascination. Very few other people are trusted enough by mom to gain holding access. If anything threatens the child, clear the area—momma bear is coming out.

Office spaceThe same can be said for a family-owned business or corporation. A space where people work, learn, and grow is to be cherished, protected, and well looked after. A random person should not gain access to the place where people put hours into their craft is centered.

As life gets crazy, many people are now turning to professional cleaning services. With a projected 13% job increase over the next seven years, cleaning services will only continue to grow.

It’s important to know a few things about the service behind the cleaning before you start making decisions about who to hire.

Be In The Know

Before hiring any cleaning service, here are seven questions that should be answered:

  1. Is the company insured?

Three key components to check for are liability insurance, worker’s compensation, and a dishonesty bond. This way, if anything goes wrong, it will be covered.

  1. Will employees or independent contractors be doing the cleaning?

Many companies are turning to independent contractors. This may seem like a small detail, however, if a business hires out independent contractors they tend to have less control over them as an employee. A company tends to have tighter reigns and higher expectations for permanent employees.

  1. What does the pre-employment process look like?

Make sure the employer knows exactly who they’re sending out to do the job. It is perfectly acceptable to ask if a company has conducted a thorough criminal background check.

  1. Who’s cleaning the area? Individuals or a team?

It’s important to know who’s doing the cleaning. If it’s an individual, are they honest? Are there proper checks and balances in place? If there’s a team of cleaners, will there be a trained leader on site at all times? Make sure they know what they’re doing

  1. Do they undergo a formal training program?

The more professional a company is, the more stock they’ll place in their employees. Make sure those doing the cleaning go through a formal training program. This way, cleanings will be more persistent and of a higher quality.

  1. What are the expectations and what’s included?

Before hiring a company, make sure expectations are known. Go over exactly what is included in the cleaning and make known any particular areas needing attention.

  1. What kinds of cleaning products are going to be used?

Green cleaningMany companies nowadays feel a push to “go green” with their cleaning products. Finding a cleaning service that’s caught this drift is important. Green products are safer and non-harmful to the work and home space. They clean the dirt without the harmful chemicals used in other cleaners.

Get To Know Image One

You’ve built your business or corporation from the ground up.  Keeping the space clean and professional should be near the top of your list.  Don’t allow that to be trashed or destroyed by angry customers or unwanted visitors. Visit our Image One homepage or call 630-616-1010 for a free cleaning quote.

Commercial Cleaners Wield the Power to Remove Stingy Office Bacteria

Cluttered officeUnless someone lives a life paralleling the TV show “Hoarders,” everyone tends to have a semi-functional clean gene. This gene is what kicks in when the holidays hit and property owners realize they haven’t cleaned their building or suites in two months, or when a client unexpectedly drops by and suddenly the state of the office becomes all too apparent. Whether or not cleaning took place last week or a too many weeks ago to count, it’s a chore that must be shared by all.

The Secret Life of Germs

Office phoneNowadays, the average person spends eight hours a day or more in an office. This equals 33% of one’s day. If keeping a clean living space is considered beneficial to one’s health, should not the office receive the same treatment? According to Feazel, “Humans move through a sea of microbial life that is seldom perceived…”

What does Feazel mean by this? Billions of germs cover every surface that man comes into contact with every day; some good, some bad. But you don’t have to put up with it—and if your health and well-being are a priority, then you shouldn’t do so.

Green Products Clean Without Harmful Chemicals

Green cleaningWith so many advancements in the field of professional cleaning, there are many options available to the average office owner. Many commercial cleaners now provide services to the individual as well as to the company, and these cleaning companies come in all shapes and sizes. However, it’s important to look for a company that provides green cleaning products. These products not only contain the power to remove stubborn office bacteria, but they’re also free from harmful chemicals. This leaves the freshly cleaned office void of bacteria as well as poisonous substances.

Don’t Just Sit There

Whether or not the oft-quoted saying “The main ingredient in hand-sanitizer is paranoia” is true, germs are still abundant—and they’re here to stay. Chances are you have a good reason to be paranoid when it comes to the cleanliness of your home or office space. You don’t want your office becoming the party room for germs and bacteria. If you desire to become germ free, or simply learn more about the services we provide, give us a call at 630-616-1010, or visit Image One’s homepage.